Medical Services

Optimize your health through our cutting edge total body Wellness services.

Regardless of your age, we want you to know we have the solutions for the goals you desire including more energy, better sex, and weight loss. We want you to harness your body’s ability to revitalize itself through our proven medical therapies.

Our skilled Medical team begins with an initial consultation to examine your medical history, in addition, we will be reviewing, your diet, exercise habits, and daily stressors. As your ally in rejuvenating your health, we customize a treatment plan using the a combination of the medical services below.


NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic was created to help women achieve optimal..

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Sexual wellness is crucialto every woman’s overall physical and emotional health.

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Sexual Health

Why is it so difficult for me to lose weight? And keep it off?

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Medical Weight Loss

Hair Restoration Treatments With Long Lasting Results.

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Hair Restoration

At NuFemme, our providers are certified to perform the trademarked Vampire

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Vampire® Procedures™

Women deserve a better sexual experience

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

The NuFemme Signature Series is a combination of well-known

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Skin Therapy

Get more energy. Improve your sex drive. Be stronger and improve your overall

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Growth Hormone Therapy