*Results will vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program.

  When I first saw Jenni I was fatigued and somewhat depressed. I had a hysterectomy the year before and was told it took some time for my hormones to regulate. It had been over a year and I still just didn’t feel right. Jenni spent over an hour talking with me and ran a blood panel for my hormone and vitamin levels and found my thyroid was low and my estrogen and testosterone were off. Also my vitamin D was extremely low. I started noticing a difference almost immediately! I feel great! Thanks Jenni!     *

– Cindy O, Age 39

  My sex drive became nonexistent after our children and my husband and I were feeling the effects. From my first evaluation at NuFemme, I felt comfortable and knew they had a plan for change. It’s been just a few months and my husband and I are like newlyweds again!     *

– Ann A, Age 35

  I’ve always been an active, thin person but when I turned 40, it was like someone flipped a switch. I gained 15 pounds, I couldn’t sleep, and my moods were out of control. A coworker suggested NuFemme and here I am, all the weight came off, I’m getting good sleep, and I’m happier than ever. NuFemme’ hormone therapies have changed my daily quality of life for the better and I recommend them to everyone I meet.     *

– Jenni M, Age 44

  I had been to my primary care doctor with all of my symptoms and he kept telling me my labs were, “normal.” My NuFemme provider ran a blood panel and had results my very first visit with answers to my symptoms of fatigue and weight gain. By the time I left the clinic a treatment plan was in place and it has worked! The only thing I regret is waiting so long to go to NuFemme.     *

– Jackie K, Age 56

  I was very nervous and it wasn’t easy for me to get help for my problems with sex. From my first evaluation, I knew I had come to the right place. Everyone from the office staff on up to the medical provider have been great. I felt completely at ease and the OShot worked for me. Thank you, NuFemme!     *

– Debby F, Age 55